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MAE 2024 Preconference Workshops

MAE is thrilled to offer two rich and engaging pre-conference workshops. On Thursday, May 9th, join us from 1pm - 4pm.

Select one of our two workshop offerings detailed below:


Dignity Work: Building A New Grammar Book for Equity, Justice and Liberation in Systems-Level Evaluation

Facilitator: dr. monique liston, Founder, Chief Strategist and Joyful Militant of Ubuntu Research & Evaluation

Building upon the foundational work of Hortense Spillers' influential essay, "Mama's Baby Papa's Maybe: An American Grammar Book," this session profoundly explores the intricate linguistic and cultural dynamics that shape evaluative practices within complex systems. Through a comprehensive blend of theoretical frameworks, real-world case studies, and dynamic interactive exercises, participants will acquire deep insights into the pivotal role of dignity as a guiding principle in evaluating systemic structures and processes. By reframing the lens of evaluation through the prism of dignity, attendees will unearth innovative methodologies for fostering equity, justice, and empowerment within their respective spheres. Join us as we embark on a journey to redefine the very grammar of evaluation, honoring the inherent dignity of all individuals and communities.


Data visualization in practice: Using Canva to produce professional-looking reports for free!

Facilitator: Holli Schlukebir, Michigan State University's Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship, University Outreach and Engagement

Data storytelling shapes how evaluation is utilized by its audience. The proposed workshop will provide an overview of the guiding principles for visually stimulating and accessible designs in research and evaluation. The presenters will first introduce McAlindon et al.’s (2018) BOND framework to explain the process of synthesizing and translating complex evaluation data into effective storytelling. Central to the workshop would be the question of how evaluative research and graphic design can advance data utilization by stakeholders. The presenters will review effective communication principles and illustrate how different data visualization techniques, as suggested by Evergreen and Metzner’s (2013) and many others, may best align with adults’ learning styles and promote actionable responses. After orienting the audience to the data visualization literature and principles, the presenters will present Canva as a free graphic design tool, demonstrate its functions and features, and showcase several research briefs and reports that were generated by the presenters using this free tool. Attendees will receive a worksheet outlining examples of the presenter’s use of Canva, an overview of Canva-specific graphic design features, and recommendations on how to customize a program brand using the software.


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