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MAE invites you to Read, Reflect, and Relate (virtually) with your fellow colleagues as we embark on an opportunity to learn from from each other. Each year, we will choose an evaluation topic from a critical lens.  

Upcoming Sessions for 2023:

R3 Session 3: What’s the Progressive Outcomes Scale Logic Model (POSLM) Approach to Measuring Social Initiatives? (must be a member to register)

October 26, 2023, 12-1 PM EST (virtual)


In 2021, we kicked-off MAE’s initiative to read, reflect, and relate (R3) with each other on critical evaluation topics. In this inaugural year, we invited and learned from two top scholars in the area of Indigenous-led evaluation and Decolonization work (Feb and Mar), followed by a members-only session in April. The goals of the 2021 R3 sessions were to:

  • Understand the importance of being mindful in our use of language when speaking about Indigenous evaluation and Indigenous-led evaluation.
  • Understand what it means to personally unpack white privilege in evaluation spaces. 
  • Connect with peers who work, or want to work, in support of, Indigenous communities and decolonization efforts.

In January, participants read and reflected on the following scholarly works: 

  1. White privilege and the decolonization work needed in evaluation to support Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination (McKegg, K. 2019)

  2. Increasing cultural competence in support of Indigenous-led evaluation: A necessary step toward Indigenous-led evaluation (Wehipeihana, N. 2019). 

Readers then attended a presentation from each of the authors—Kate McKegg (Feb 1) and Nan Wehipeihana (Mar 29).

For a final session in April, MAE members participated in a safe and informal debrief of what was learned in the scholars’ presentations.  We shared with each other ones’ thoughts or experiences working with, and in support of, Indigenous communities and decolonization efforts, and in particular, as an “outsider” or “bilagáana.”


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